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04 Dec

The Growing Use of Rubber Construction Trackout Mats for Construction Sites

Rubber Construction Trackout Control Mats for FOD Reduction are in use all over the US and have become more popular lately due to changing construction requirements by state department of transportation agencies (D.O.T.’s) and local governments. Your commercial construction site uses designed entrances for traffic and it has become more important to define the entrance and exits areas.  This can be done by using track out mats that help to reduce debris being tracked out the exit and down the roadway as vehicles exit your Construction site.

The new requirements by State and local government organizations and the elimination of the ability to use stone in these exit areas, the DOT’s and local municipal groups are specifying track out mats. Rubber Track Out Mats have helped to reduce the clean up area helping the debris to drop in place or in a smaller area reducing cleanup time. Due to the growing use of Equipment and Construction, recently designed Track Out Mats have a new High Profile Rubber with additional FOD reduction.

FOD reduction designs with higher profiles increase the "rumble" effect during the exit. This new Rubber Track Out Mat Design is an improvement in design as it just works better and makes the clean up a smaller project. Other key benefits of new Track Out designs are that it folds in a compact fashion and allows an easy move and setup to the next project. These new Track Out Mats are D.O.T. approved.

If you'd like to find out more about trackout mats feel free to email or call us. Our email address is service@sealcoating.com.  Our toll-free number in the US is 888-838-7325.