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32 Gallon - Aspen Stand Waste Receptacle




Keep the green looking pristine. These disposal bins are exactly what is needed for keeping surroundings free of debris. These attractive waste bin containers conceal unsightly trash cans liners without detracting from the natural settings. Choose the color of the containers for waste to match your business decor. Individuals will be sure to utilize this steel waste receptacle when you place them in recreational areas, parks, office buildings and schools. 

These trash receptacles are made from one piece steel construction, cutting down on numerous welded spots. A metal bin with a stainless steel contact ring eliminates corrosion. This highly durable and long lasting receptacle is made to endure harsh climates. A waste can is one of the most beneficial additions when it comes to outdoor furniture. Get yours today!

Consider a bear proof trash can if you are having trouble with animals rummaging through your trash.

Default115.0 lb

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