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Product Image BULLHEAD 15" Forged Level Head Rake, 66" Hardwood Handle-Landscape Hand Tools-Seymour Midwest-Default-Sealcoating.com

15 in x 66 in BULLHEAD Forged Level Head Rake - Hardwood Handle




The level head Landscaping Rake has a forged steel head with 14 tines. The tines are curved for improved penetration and raking action. It's a great Garden Rake, you can use it for leaves or pulling weeds from your garden. A must have Landscaping Tool for the professional or for your personnel projects. It has a 66" hardwood handle that makes it easier to reach deep into your garden or project. Purchase yours today.
Specifications & Features:
  • 15" (Width) Forged Steel Head
  • 66" Hardwood Handle
  • 14 Tines with 3/4" Spacing
  • 3" Tine Length
Default10.0 lb

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