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GreenPatch Cold Asphalt Patch




Our GreenPatch bagged cold asphalt patch for potholes and utility cuts is the only no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) cold patch you will find.  Have this cold bagged asphalt patch on hand and ready for your roadway pot hole repairs and pavement utility cuts.  This is the first cold asphalt patch product to be endorsed by The National Green Energy Council.  Buying this GreenPatch asphalt patch material fulfills your “Green” purchasing initiative and is considered an Environmentally Preferable Purchase (EPP). Buy your 50 pound bag or buy the pallet (Qty 56 bags at 50 lbs each) and SAVE.

  • VOC compliant in all 50 states (Zero VOC’s)
  • Cold Bagged Ready to Use in wet or dry conditions/No mixing
  • No Solvents or Cutbacks
  • Petroleum ingredients all replaced with all-natural substrates
  • Complete replacement of your old cold patch
  • Biodegradable solvents
  • Does not leach hydrocarbons
  • Animal Safe and will not harm wildlife

Where can I use this cold patch?

  1. Use around the steel plates in roadways and around Storm Drains
  2. Utility cuts and manhole installations
  3. Ramps buildup at the mill joint
  4. Around any drain head
  5. Ramp to the concrete joint that is too high
  6. Fill your potholes

How much area will one 50 lb. bag cover?  It will cover an area 3 ft x 3 ft (2 inch deep) with confined edges.

How many bags to one full pallet/skid?  56 bags come on a pallet or full skid.

 Is this GreenPatch really "green"?

Yes, the toxic solvents have been completely removed from this product and replaced with all-natural substrates.  We even use recyclable bags. 

Where can I buy GreenPatch asphalt patch?

You may buy GreenPatch for your utility patching and to repair pavement or utility cuts at Sealcoating.com along with asphalt tools to install this cold bagged asphalt patch.  It is ready to use and can be installed in wet or dry conditions.

How do I install cold patch?  Apply in 2 inch thicknesses and compact with asphalt tamp or the back of a shovel and if you need more then repeat another layer.  Defined borders or edges to hold the patch in are important.

Is GreenPatch Green?  No, it is black.

Is GreenPatch Black? Yes, it is black.
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