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Handicap Symbol Paint Stencil - Standard Large




Our Parking lot Handicap Symbol Stencil will be perfect for your parking lot stencil collection.  Stay up to date with your local ordinance with our Handicap paint stencil.  It will last a long time in this version of heavy duty polyethylene which is our high end version and long lasting.  It will clean up nicely after painting your handicap legends.

Standard Large Size for Most Areas is this 39" Stencil

Available in 3 Sizes
-Character Size: 34"; Stencil Height: 40"; Stencil Width: 36"; Weight: 9.36 lbs (Medium)
-Character Size: 39"; Stencil Height: 48"; Stencil Width: 40"; Weight: 12.48 lbs (Standard Large)
-Character Size: 48"; Stencil Height: 54"; Stencil Width: 50"; Weight: 20.30 lbs (XLarge)

1/8" LDPE Low Density Polyethylene construction for Longest Stencil Life

39" Symbol Size (Standard Large)- 1/16" Thickness12.4 lb
39" Symbol Size (Standard Large)- 1/8" Thickness12.4 lb
34" Symbol Size (Medium)- 1/16" Thickness9.36 lb
34" Symbol Size(Medium)- 1/8" Thickness9.36 lb
48" Symbol Size(XLarge)- 1/8" Thickness20.3 lb

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