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Product Image Titan PowrLiner 550 Easy Paint Striping Machine

Titan PowrLiner 550 Easy Paint Striping Machine




This Titan PowrLiner 550 Line Striper is for lighter duty users that want simplicity and ease of use.  This is the perfect paint striping machine for you if you have a small operation or you are a property management company and want your maintenance person to do the striping.  Good for pavement striping and stencil work or for field painting on grass or turf.  It is perfect if you stripe small parking lots or ball fields as you can load and lift it yourself.  If your crew is telling you they need two people-- that’s all over when you get one of these.  This Power Liner 550 has a 1.6 HP motor that delivers a flow rate of up to 0.33 Gallons Per Minute, plenty for any small to medium sized paint projects.  It has a maximum operating pressure of 3,000 PSI.  Easy to lift, easy to load, easy for paint striping lines or stencils.

Small Line Striper perfect for small operations and maintenance crews

  • ONLY use Latex – we recommend our Skipdash Asphalt Line Paint
  • Easy to lift for a one person operation- folding telescopic handle for easy loading
  • Removable spray gun for free painting of anything such as stencils or walls too
  • 3,000 PSI pressure with this High Pressure Piston Pump can handle a 100 foot hose
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

This unit has a locked front wheel for straight line applications (non-swiveling)

What is the best small paint striper?  The Titan PowrLiner 550 is a great little paint striper for small pavement striping or field marking projects easy for one person to lift, load and operate.

What is Included with the Titan PowrLiner 550?  One LX-40 Titan Spray Gun (non swivel), a 50 foot airless hose, High Pressure Piston pump with inlet pusher valve, Telescopic folding handle, TR-1 reversible line striping tip, and has single spray setting best for outdoor use along with a 2 year warranty.

What is a good Paint Striper for Parking lots if you want to stripe two lines?  If you want to stripe a double line and still want the flexibility and ease of use of a small paint striper we would recommend the Titan PL2850 which Titan's smallest 2 gun line-striper.

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