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Product Image Asphalt Long Tamper

Asphalt Long Tamper




This Long Blade Asphalt Tamp is the perfect Asphalt Tamper for Edge Tamping. Light Weight Blacktop Tamps provides greater Blacktop Edge Tamping control and a straight edge. Asphalt Edge Compaction is important to the integrity and longevity of your project choose our 16" long tamper to make this job easier.

  • Long Narrow Tamp for asphalt makes perfectly straight edges
  • 16 inch long tamper for lighter weight tamping
  • Strong Brace Support helps with shaping and edge compaction 

Try this long tamper to achieve the straightest asphalt edges possible. This paving tool will leave your customers and competitors wondering how you make the paving edge so straight. The best Paving Edge Tamper is a Long Asphalt Tamp. Buy Today!

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