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If you are looking to find a company that performs Infrared Heat Patching you are in the right place.  We will match and help you find a patching company who best represents your parking lot needs.  

This form of asphalt patching is less expensive than saw cutting, removing & replacing asphalt pavement, and when performed correctly, can achieve a similar result with a smaller budget. Repairing failed areas in pavement or "alligatored" asphalt can be achieved quickly and in a more economical manner than the complete removal and replacement process by reclaiming and restoring much of the existing asphalt.  You can find an infrared repair partner in our Pavement Network by selecting the map below.    

What is Infrared Patching: Infrared patching is a method of reheating the existing asphalt to a temperature that reactivates the oils in the asphalt making the pavement soft once again as it was when first installed.  While it is in this state, the existing asphalt can be raked and by adding a rejuvenator and a small amount of fresh hot asphalt, it can be reshaped and compacted again returning the area to a like new condition. This patching repair process is sometimes preferred in large retail parking areas as it can be very efficient and part of property management's routine maintenance effort without breaking the budget.  
5 key  reasons to consider repairing pavement by infrared heat patching:

  1. It is less disruptive to your parking lot and is especially good for retailers.
  2. A smaller investment can allow for more pavement repair than traditional patching methods.
  3. It can be part of your routine pavement maintenance effort.
  4. It is a more environmentally friendly form of parking lot repair because much of the existing asphalt is recycled.
  5. More and more asphalt paving contractors are performing this service which makes the process more competitive. Ultimately, this translates into savings for you.

Our National Pavement Network has many top level contractors who perform Infrared Heat Patching.

If you are a National or Regional Manager, or a Facility or Property Manager with multiple or even a single location project, but would like us to contact you, please select "Commercial Services contact me" below. We will align you with a qualified manager within our National Pavement Network and experienced with the services you are requesting, or you may choose to "Find Local Services" and continue your search.  

Our Commercial Services Department can help you with multi-year budgeting, individual site quotes or "bucket" pricing, or reporting tools to communicate to you from the field.  We will work to identify realistic servicing plans and capabilities to best serve your organization just the way you want it.  If you are a manager, we will make you look good.  The way we have been managing buildings and grounds for over 35 years.

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