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Blacktop & Pavement Patching

Our bagged and bucket materials for pavement patching and blacktop repair can support your "Green" initiative and provide you with an Environmentally Preferable Purchase (EPP).  Our asphalt patch material is used all over the country by utility companies, contractors and road crews and provide permanent pavement repair solutions in all forms and in the same way your "old" material choice did.
If you have not yet transitioned to low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products for patch repair, then we will encourage you as we have assembled products that provide solutions without sacrificing quality in performance.  Our Gator patching products for those "alligatored" asphalt areas in the pavement can be found in 5 gallon bucket containers and all can be purchased for less by the pallet or in larger bulk containers.  Please review each product description for products that are more environmentally friendly.