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Sealcoating.com will help you Find a Sealcoating Company for your home project and provide you with options.  As a pavement professional with over 35 years of industry experience, I can save you some trouble and direct you to a Pro. Sealcoating your driveway seems simple enough until something goes wrong. Unlike paint, sealer is not easily removed with a solvent or cleaning product from areas it shouldn't be.

Applying pavement sealer in cold weather and late season temperatures is asking for trouble. You want the finished product to not only look nice, but also have the driveway sealer protect your pavement and prolong the life of the asphalt. Start by communicating what is important to you, such as crack sealing or any other necessary repairs.       This step is often skipped by homeowners when finding a driveway sealcoating contractor. An experienced driveway sealing contractor will discuss these options with you and hep to identify the best asphalt pavement product for your specific job. My five suggestions for optimal residential sealcoating results are:

  1. Find an experienced company by asking how many years they have been in business.
  2. Check for insurance.
  3. Ask for referrals.
  4. Select from contractors with an office you can visit if needed.
  5. Do not settle for the least expensive contractor as an extra 5-10% may save you a whole lot of headaches and certainly will make your pavement last longer. 

For best results, select from our line-up of experienced sealcoating service contractors in your area. You can find the best contractors in our Sealcoating.com National Pavement Network. You may click on the map button below which will take you to our Business Locator page, or simply complete the form we have set up to make this easier for you. We will ensure you receive a free estimate from a qualified contractor in your area. 

If you select a contractor from our Pavement Network, we do recommend you follow the same procedure outlined above. 

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