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New York

New York is a hub for all types of industries and New York City is the home of Broadway, combining business and culture. In the Big Apple, paved surfaces stretch as far as the eye can see, creating quite a bit of work for companies that manage this real estate. Owners of small real estate portfolios, retail operators with a regional or national presence, and large, national real estate companies all find themselves in need of paving and sealcoating services at some point.

 We offer a national service locator that includes:

·        Asphalt patching services

·        Commercial paving providers

·        Parking lot paving companies

·        Pavement marking/striping services

·        Sealcoating services

This online location service also includes companies that provide supplies for asphalt patching, paving, sealcoating, and other pavement supplies including marking equipment.

Do Your Providers Have Experience with Large Property Management Companies?

Members of our pavement network deal with clients ranging from owners of a single commercial facility to property management entities with assets in all major national markets. They are as comfortable dealing with facility managers with hundreds of buildings under management as they are with an operator that has a local or regional footprint. Our providers excel in pavement services and they know the New York area, two factors that make them stand out from the rest.

Companies with real estate assets in multiple regions have their hands in many markets. They must trust that their service providers have the subject-area expertise and geographic knowledge required to do the best job. These facility managers are often not on site to observe what is being done so they must rely on the professionalism of their contractors. Our preferred service providers exceed the expectations of these real estate professionals.

How Can Do-It-Yourself Property Managers Use the Business Locator?

Smaller property management or real estate companies save money by performing minor pavement repairs and maintaining paved surfaces themselves. Whether they must patch a pothole, seal a crack, clean the surface, or redo the striping, they can find the appropriate pavement supplies through our network. Our professional pavement supply companies offer everything from the basic asphalt squeegee to sealcoating supplies designed to prolong the lifetime of an asphalt surface.

All of the members of our pavement network are professionals. Our providers of pavement supplies ship all over the country including the great state of New York. Orders are shipped quickly so your team can get to work on the paved surfaces in need of maintenance or repair. Less time waiting and more time enhancing that appearance of the property means more business for your company.