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Traffic Paint, Asphalt, Parking Lot & Pavement Paint

Our Traffic Line Paint, DOT Roadway paints and our High Heat Asphalt Paint for maintaining your asphalt plant parts such as drums, baghouse and any hot components of your HMA plant are made for any specialty surface project from asphalt pavement marking to large Industrial structure painting to indoor concrete floors to ball fields.  We have the paint for your project and it was selected for the professional contractor and field marking superintendent or your plant maintenance supervisor.

  • Pavement Paint for Roadways and Zone Marking
  • High Heat Paint for your Asphalt (HMA) Plant Components
  • Indoor Industrial Concrete Floor Painting Projects 
  • Ball Field Marking Paints
  • Airfield Painting Projects 
  • Construction and Utility Marking Paints
  • Large Structure Paint Coatings for Refineries and High Heat Constructs