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Skipdash Type II Traffic Paint




Skipdash Type II Pavement Paint meets Federal Specifications TT-P-1952F, Type I and II dries very fast, made for traffic areas and runways.  No traffic pickup in less than ten minutes when applied properly under normal conditions or can be dried in one to two minutes when heated to 140 degrees (60°C) to 150 degrees (66°C) and conforms to current VOC regulations

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surface should be clean and free from dirt, dust, debris, and oil. Concrete surfaces should be etched prior to use.

APPLICATION: Mix Paint well prior to painting pavement or surface. Use brush, roller or spray to apply. Best application results will occur for spray applications if the paint is strained. Lower temperatures and higher humidity will require longer drying time. Reflective glass beads may be added to improve reflectivity.

COVERAGE: 400 to 450 linear feet of 4" stripe per gallon (@ 12.0 mil. wet film)

CAUTION: KEEP FROM FREEZING. Do not stripe when rain is in forecast, on wet surfaces, or when temperature is below 45°F. Wash tools in water. Use a suitable paint thinner if material has dried. Do not store in direct sunlight. Container should be closed when not in use. Because of alkali inherent in concrete surfaces there is no product guarantee on these. Keep out of the reach of children.

PACKAGING: 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon tote tanks.  One Pallet or skid equals qty 24 five gallon pails.

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     Yellow Type II Traffic Paint Fast Dry Supreme
     White Type II Traffic Paint Fast Dry Supreme

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Yellow71.5 lb
White73.0 lb
Blue71.5 lb
Red71.5 lb
Black71.5 lb

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