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Return Policy

Please open all merchandise immediately upon receiving your shipment and save all original packaging until you inspect and check the contents for damage. Do not return any products without permission and a Return Authorization Number (RAN) as per our return policy and details below. We guarantee you will receive quality products as described within our website or printed catalog. The manufacturers of the products not manufactured by our company directly often provide a manufacturer’s warranty. Please also note that our return policy does contain a time period.

Receiving your Merchandise: Immediately and upon receiving your merchandise please check the contents so that you can report any damage or related issues within 2 business days of the date of delivery. You must report any damage, defect, or incorrectly delivered item within 2 days so that we can take appropriate action together.

Incorrect or Wrong Item Delivered: If you should receive an incorrect product please notify us within 2 business days (service@sealcoating.com). We will then issue a Return Authorization Number (RAN) and instructions on how and where to return the product. Please do not ship any product back without an RAN with your return instructions. The incorrect product(s) contained in your order, if under $500.00 total, will be quickly shipped to you to remedy the product(s) error and an RAN will be issued instructing you on how the incorrect items can be returned. We will pay for the shipping and return shipping by standard method (*non freight items only) for the return of the incorrect items by standard ground delivery (non expedited shipping method). If this is required we will issue the request for return to the standard carrier of our choice and provide you with the instructions for such return. We will not reimburse for shipping costs incurred by you if you should ship back the item(s) without and RAN number or without authorization. If your order should exceed $500.00 total and have been incorrectly shipped due to an error on our behalf you must first receive instructions on the return process and an RAN. We will need to agree to these instructions prior to reshipping the correct item(s). We will then pay for the shipping by standard method (*non freight items only) for the return shipping by standard ground delivery (non expedited shipping). In both cases we will pay for the standard ground delivery and return as described above. It is our goal to provide you with the products you intended to receive and to serve you well.

If you ordered the wrong product and you inadvertently ordered the wrong item please see “I ordered the wrong product(s)” below.

Shipping Damage: If your products arrive to you and the packaging is damaged you should refuse shipment if you believe the contents to be damaged. If you should accept the shipment you should note in writing on the shipping company’s proof of delivery slip all damage in order to properly document this damage. Following receipt you should inspect the product(s) received and report any damage immediately to the shipping company directly and within 2 days to our company. If you have accepted the product and it is damaged you must notify the carrier and keep all packaging. Depending on the delivery location and how the item was shipped it may be necessary for you to converse and work with the carrier for remedy. Most trucking companies will only work with the receiving party. We will certainly help you in this effort.

Please do not ship the product back to us until we issue and RAN with instructions on the return. We want to provide you with damage free products as quickly as possible.

If you should receive a damaged product(s) which is internally damaged please contact us within 2 business days for proper return.

Defective Product: If within 30 days you determine that you have a defective product please notify us within 30 days of the date of delivery. Do Not ship the product back to us prior to contacting us and receiving an RAN and instructions.

We may have the product tested at our expense, but we will ship a non defective product and will inspect the returned product. If you choose to return the item and do not allow us to replace the defective product then the shipping costs for delivery and return will be charged to you.

If you determine your product is defective more than 30 days after delivery we ask that you contact the manufacturer of the product for remedy. We are the supplier of most products and do not manufacture most products. Following your contact with the manufacturer, we will work with you and the manufacturer to assist with this is needed. Whatever the manufacturer’s policy is will determine how you proceed. We will not pay for shipping costs for products handled through the manufacturer’s warranty.

Returns: Keep all original manufacturers’ packaging. We will accept a return only in its original packaging and in unused and undamaged condition. It must be returned within 30 days. A RAN must be issued. A restocking charge of 35% will be charged on all returns in addition to the shipping costs that were incurred to deliver the merchandise. The return shipping costs will also be the responsibility of the buyer.

Products shipped by freight will not be returned. This includes all “pallet products” or products that generally ship by freight or truck other than common standard carriers such as UPS, USPS or FedEx.

The benefits of lower prices that come with catalog or internet purchasing as well as the convenience, shipping right to your door, etc., are of great benefit to our customers. These methods do come with a price and the inability to pick it up physically and look at it. It is not easy or convenient for either of us to return products. If you are not sure you are getting exactly what you want or expect or if you are not certain of the item then do not order it from us. Do not order from us please if you think you will need to return something (i.e. Order two types of a product with the idea that you will return the one that is not correct). We want to supply you with the correct item the first time.

Non Returnable Items: Items that may not be returned are any items that require shipping by freight or truck other than standard carrier. This includes heavy and large items typically on a pallet but not always. An example is Hot Rubber Crack filler. This is not returnable. No items will be accepted for return after 30 days.

Cancellation of product when a "freight shipping method" (truck delivery other than standard ground shipping) is required: shipping will incur a restocking charge immediately and even before delivery if order is cancelled. Many heavy shipped items are staged and much work begins to prepare heavy and freight shipped items immediately following the placement of an order. Cancellation of an item or product shipping by way of freight will include a freight cancellation restocking charge of 35%. If mobilization of the freight carrier has begun the buyer will also incur the shipping or logistics charges in addition to the restocking charge.

Custom and Special Order: No special order or personalized products will be returned. No custom products or products cut to length or altered products will be accepted for return in part or whole. No special quoted products will be accepted for return.

Returns if ordered incorrectly (“I ordered the wrong product”): If you ordered the wrong product and need to return the product it must meet the criteria identified within this return policy. Please contact us within 2 business days so that we can issue a RAN and instructions for the return. Unfortunately, there are costs for shipping that will be incurred by you to replace the item(s).

Return Authorization Number (RAN) and Process: Sometimes it is necessary to return a product and we have established a process for this. We ship hundreds of products and work with many manufacturers. Often the return of a product will go back to the manufacturer and therefore it is very important to have a process in place for a return. If a product is shipped to the wrong location and a RAN was not first issued or if you refuse delivery expenses are incurred for unnecessary shipping costs and will be charged to your account. Products returned to manufacturers without proper documentation sometimes are set aside further delaying resolution. Following this process allows a proper credit to be issued in a timely manner. It keeps our overhead down and reduces handling and translates into lower priced items for our customers. We strive to make you happy and will work hard to serve you. We want you to be a customer for many years and look forward to this relationship. Therefore, by establishing this process and many others within our business we improve our ability to meet your expectations.