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Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

Our heat applied Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Symbols and markings are the longest lasting pavement marking products. The creation of these thermo symbols and preformed paint stencils for pavement shorten the application process of installing numbers and letters on pavement. These heat applied pavement markings are pre-cut and formed in the shapes you need such as handicap symbols, single arrows, double arrows and anything you can think of. Whether you are applying thermoplastic stripes or "Bicycle Only" legends or a custom logo design, these are the latest in pavement marking. We also carry all the Roundabout Arrow designs.

  • Simple installation can be performed by your maintenance crew
  • Symbols, Letters, Numbers and rolled lines can all be applied in minutes
  • Use Thermoplastic Primer for better surface adhesion.  Thermoplastic Epoxy is required for applications on concrete.
  • hand held propane torch is needed to heat the surface and symbol for a short time
  • Thermoplastic Preformed products with reflective glass beads meet state specs
  • Lines are pre-cut in rolls and ready to adhere to the pavement
  • You can apply these to Concrete or Asphalt - we have many designs
For years the pavement marking industry has been heating this material to a liquid state and applying pavement arrows, symbols, and pavement stripes to asphalt and concrete surfaces. This product is often applied with large specialized truck mounted striping equipment or small walk behind machines using propane and requiring a long setup and take down process. But now this has changed as these preformed pavement stencils, symbols, legends and lines allow for a simple application process. The process still involves heat but with only a small hand torch a few minutes they are permanently affixed to your pavement. No special equipment or long wait times for material to be heated to a liquid state with this product.