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Product Image Contrast Box Panel (Green) with White "BIKE MAN" 4' x 20' Preformed Thermoplastic Legend-Performed ThemoPlastic-Swarco Industries-125 MIL-Sealcoating.com

Contrast Box Panel (Green) with White BIKE MAN 4 ft x 20 ft Preformed Thermoplastic Legend




White Bicycle w/ Background (Green) is a preformed pavement symbol for bike traffic in the roadway.  This Bike symbol with green behind it measures 4' x 20', this large road panel very clearly denotes a lane or trail reserved for bicyclists. The bright green backing makes for a highly visible caution to be aware of others who may be sharing your trail. The eye catching design will only improve the visual aesthetic of the paved way it is placed on. Take every precaution to keep your community safe with Preformed Thermoplastic On-Road Symbols.

90 MIL81.0 lb
125 MIL121.0 lb

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