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Membership Information

As you read this, customers are searching for the products or services your company offers. Most likely you already have a website and a local marketing campaign, but what if you could expand your digital footprint and capture the audience that is already searching for you?

The Sealcoating.com National Pavement Network has the reach you are looking for. We have the highest level domain name, more keyword combinations and can help you obtain another top spot on the first page of the major Search engines such as Google(R). The Network structure was created so that your company information or personalized content, in combination with our high level domain name, helps build your business, gain more traffic, visitors and buyers. By joining our National Pavement Network, we can help your company be in more places at one time, delivering qualified buyers at an affordable price. Your content will be displayed on our National Pavement Network Business Locator Pages that provides visitors with solutions for service and connects them with you.  Your company's Personal Web Page on our site will help set you apart from your competitors.

Choose from two membership tiers where your content, logo and company information can be displayed at Sealcoating.com. The Pavement Network provides you with control of your marketing efforts and there is no need to change your phone number or website. Membership will compliment any marketing effort already in place. Joining our Pavement Network may be the most affordable and efficient way for you to reach more customers. 

To find out more about our membership options and our Preferred Business Badge, read on below. If you're ready to take the next step and complete the application process, click on the links below. Put yourself on THE Map today!

Membership Details & Fees

Standard Membership: Your National Pavement Network membership allows your company contact information to be listed on the business locator page at Sealcoating.com. Your listing alongside your area map in the Business Locator Page will be presented to viewers within at least one business type selected by you. This business type may be any of a number of site service selections such as “Commercial Sealcoating” contractor. Your selection will be made during your company’s registration process. A second or additional business type may be selected as well so that your business will appear in a visitor search for a secondary business type and provide more visitor exposure.

Along with selecting your business type during registration you will have the option of selecting from a monthly or annual payment program for your membership.  If you are interested in appearing in more than one business type search you should consider selecting a secondary business type at registration.  Business type and proximity are driving factors and will influence a visitors search results for a qualified member but are not the only factors.

Standard Membership Fee Structure:

    • Standard Monthly Plan: $99 per month
    • Standard Annual Plan: $1068 per year (an annual savings of $120)

Premium Membership: Your Premium Membership represents a combination of the Standard Membership plus a personalized webpage, allowing visitors to learn more about your business, contained on the Sealcoating.com site.  Your individual webpage may contain personalized content, an approved company picture and company logo.  Estimate requests for your services will flow from this page directly to your company!

Premium Membership Fee Structure:

    • Premium Monthly Plan: $168 per month
    • Premium Membership Annual Plan: $1776 per year (an annual savings of $240)

    Special Badges

    Special Badge(s): "Preferred Business" A Sealcoating.com “Preferred Business” is by invitation only and grants permission for limited use of the Sealcoating.com mark(s) associated with a preferred business. An example of a Preferred Business Badge is the following Special Sealcoating.com “S”. A “preferred business’ is a designation and does not represent a membership type.  A Premium Membership does not include a Preferred Business badge.  A premium member may earn and display the preferred business status if awarded as such by Sealcoating.com.  Publicly displayed signs (vehicle or other) may not be displayed unless authorized and are only provided exclusively by Sealcoating.com. A premium member may display a future officially approved “qualified contractor” vehicle sign.  This will be different from the Preferred Business badge.  The Standard Membership or the Premium Membership listing within the National Pavement Network will represent the status of a “qualified contractor” in good standing for a given year. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where will my company be displayed in the National Pavement Network? 
    If you are the first approved in your market you will be placed at the top of the search results representing your business type.  In some cases a search for a business type will distinguish between either a residential or commercial segment of a business type.  You will represent the primary business type you choose to represent during your request for membership.  You may even represent multiple business types.  As other companies are awarded membership they may move into this top position or share top positioning based upon but not limited to location proximity to the visitor entered job or address, the members qualifications and/or distinguishing badges, qualities or designations.  

    Is it possible for my company to be displayed in a leading position for both residential and commercial or for two or more business types? 
    Yes, it is possible for you to display your company for both residential and commercial services on the Pavement Network in some business categories or types.  But in order for you to be displayed for both business types, you will need to purchase an additional membership for each business type (each additional).  A visitor may perform a search for either a commercial or residential contractor.  In some business categories this could represent 2 business types such as a “Residential Paving contractor” or a “Commercial Paving contractor”.  You will see these business types displayed in the map area (in check box form for visitors) and in the registration area (in a dropdown format to be selected by you).

    Will there be other companies in the future that will be displayed ahead of us or above us in search results? 
    There may be.  Sealcoating.com strives to maintain the top companies in the top positions.  If you are first to your market, you may enjoy a top or *”leading” position until others in your area become members.  In the future other factors may affect positioning.  The factors may be based upon qualifications established or determined by Sealcoating.com or its’ customers.  Therefore, we may in the future request additional background information about your company that may result in the award of a special qualification or designation that could be featured or more heavily weighted on Sealcoating.com.  We may choose to position or “feature” these special qualifications in a “top” or higher position in our Pavement Network.  You may have opportunities to meet higher qualifications in the future.

    Can you tell me if my company will always be displayed in this lead position? 
    No, but a visitor search is primarily driven by the member selected business type and proximity to the visitor entered location.  There are other factors that may influence the search results such as special member designations or qualifications.  You may have special designations that you may inform us of at registration.  You may also be provided opportunities to meet special Sealcoating.com qualifications or designations in the future.  These qualifications and designations will be displayed by elite contractors exemplifying best in class qualities.  But you can be sure we are here to help you create more business and we consider our relationship a “partnership” in this effort so we will act in a manner that helps to serve our visitors and you in order to provide the best possible experience for both.  In any “partnership” there must be trust in some form and we expect to earn your trust and keep it for many years to come.

    Does this mean that if a company is much larger then my company that we will not be displayed as prominently as the larger company? 
    No, we have segmented some primary business types by both residential and commercial and it is likely that a very large contractor will not also serve a residential market within their primary business offering as one example. They may not be as interested in this residential or other business type as you and, therefore, not be willing to purchase membership for this business type as a category they choose to be displayed within. Your primary business offering may not be the same as another company’s selected primary business type in your market. The database search served to visitors will sort by this primary business type as well as distance and qualifications.

    What does being displayed on the Sealcoating.com National Pavement Network mean to me? 
    It will mean that when visitors look for services on our website or in other marketplaces where Sealcoating.com appears the visitors may find you within our National Pavement Network and recognize you as a market leader. And we hope this will add a level of trust for our visitors. They may also find you in search engine results as a benefit of membership within our National Pavement Network. It does not hurt to be associated with a leading domain name within the industry.  

    Are there any other benefits aside from the Pavement Network membership? 
    Yes! We expect that your participation could assist you in obtaining an added top level position within the major search engines like Google or Bing (and not just on Sealcoating.com) as people search for your services on the internet. This means that we are working for you to assist in helping you to attain another search position that will lead searching customers to your business. Another position on page one of the search engines means one less position for your competitor!  It may also lead to added savings in the future as we provide methods for members to save and as we offer specials from time to time on items for your purchases. These items may include: equipment, tools and materials or other special offers. 

    How are people searching going to find my company on Sealcoating.com? 
    Aside from searching the map within our National Pavement Network at Sealcoating.com, we have added the ability for you to have a webpage on our site displaying what sets your company apart from others. You can display your logo and pictures and featured services or products and this has been designed to be searchable by the major search engines. This added content will attract others to your company looking for your services. If you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you already know what this can do for you and probably take advantage of it in other ways. But now we have provided a venue that is more industry relevant then others as our company lives and breathes pavement. We have experience in the many related asphalt and concrete businesses.  People know that from our name, but more importantly from our many years in the industry. We speak your language! We speak the language of your customers and will help them find you.

    How long is the membership agreement?  
    The minimum membership agreement is for one quarter (3 months) with an additional quarter billed in advance-- required as a deposit for a total minimum payment of 6 months in this example. The membership will continue to renew automatically one month or one year at a time based upon the membership term you select. If you select a full annual membership this will also renew one year at a time in the future (renewed in your twelfth month of service). There will be a discount for an annual membership selection provided in the purchase process and calculated at check out. When applicable the discount available will be displayed in the membership purchase area.  Cancellation can be at any time but your membership will continue for at least one quarter (3 months) from the first day of the next month (i.e. if you cancel your service on the 25th of the month then your membership will continue 5 days and 3 months beyond the day you provide a cancellation request in writing to our membership office email with confirm receipt acknowledgement). You are guaranteeing that if you decide to end your membership that the security you provided at the time of purchase will represent payment for the next and final 3 month period (+ 5 days in the scenario above). There will be no partial refunds, prorating or down time credit. Additional details and rules will be displayed within the membership product detail.

    What does a visitor find when they search? 
    A visitor may search for a contractor in The Pavement Network by entering their address or jobsite location. The results will include contractors for the business types they search for or “check” in the selection boxes during their search. The order of display will vary based upon business type, but in general, if they select a commercial contractor as opposed to a residential contractor then the commercial contractors will be displayed first or toward the top of the search by business type selected and vice-versa. If a member displays a special Sealcoating.com Qualification or Designation Badge then this member has been identified as a leading contractor and will likely be displayed as a top or leading contractor above those less qualified or not displaying a Sealcoating.com badge. This will help our visitors find a company that is best suited for their project with assurance that the contractor selected has the expertise and qualifications they desire. This is how we build trust with our visitors.

    Will you ever change your search results and how they are displayed? 
    We may, and we do reserve the right to make such adjustments without notification to you but we will do it with you and us and our visitors in mind. We must work to maintain the best Pavement Network and to do this in an ever changing market we will need to do this by adjusting over time like any good business. But do not forget that we are striving to make you successful and will keep that in mind with all of our business decisions. Our ultimate goal is to help you become more successful along with providing the best National Pavement Network for our customers and visitors.

    Can I make changes to the personalized content on my membership webpage and is there a charge for this? 
    Yes, you may make updates quarterly (every calendar qtr) by supplying all data or content changes, picture or logo changes for your personalized content to us in one concise communication or email. Should you request changes more then 1x per quarter there will be a minimum charge of $75.00 plus $45.00 per hour after the first hour of work billed in full hourly increments. We will reserve the right to change this in the future. We want you to refresh your content and make changes from time to time but we cannot at this time support unlimited changes.

    What happens if I do not pay my monthly membership bill? 
    Your membership will be removed and any web address associated with your content or membership will be redirected.  This redirection will point back to a page of choice on the Sealcoating.com website.  Further, if any link to your website from Sealcoating.com is broken a redirection may be created to ensure our visitors do not find a future “dead end” during their attempted visit.  The membership payment is automated and if such automatic payment is broken for any reason then membership will stop.  Effort will be made to correct such an event but we make no guarantee that we will correct this break down should payment not be received based upon the terms of service.  It is the member’s responsibility to maintain a valid credit card or payment option and to keep this up to date.

    Terms and what do they mean:

    Top:  in this above explanation of membership does not represent the only and very top single position. It is described here to mean “toward the top” or weighted in such a way that it will move toward the top based upon data and predetermined criteria sorted and parsed by a data query triggered by a visiting customers selections. This positioning can change and does not represent the only single or one “top” position at the very top of a list.

    Leader:  Can be any top of the list member. This could mean the top spot or one of the top several or more locations in a list. We do reserve the right to change or alter this at any time. However, we will work to make this an important display position within our locator.

    Partnership:  The use of the word partnership within any discussion on the website at Sealcoating.com or by its parent (“Provider”, “Publisher”) as a relationship to its’ members or users does not represent any legal partnership or joint venture. The relationship by use of or by engagement of this website or other is that of an independent contractor arrangement or by that of a Publisher and Advertiser. The Provider/Publisher does not imply any agreement or relationship as partner, joint venture or other and will not do so except explicitly in writing and for all purposes of this website and any engagement made here we will not be liable for any failure electronically or other nor will we reimburse for downtime, failure, or Act of God or causes beyond the providers control. 

    Your Market:  Your market is the place you do business.  You have a non exclusive right to be a part of this network if awarded membership.  This means that we have made no guarantee that other competing contractors will or will not also be displayed on our network or in leading positions.   Specifically, your market will represent an area around your specific physical location.  There will be no “ghost” locations or representation of a market where your company does not have a physical presence or location. 

    Sealcoating.com Badge:   This is a display item or creative icon that will represent a higher level of achievement in contractor or business success and could represent our opinion only or that of our customer/visitors.  A designation or qualification may be displayed on this site next to a contractor representing higher achievement in service.  It can mean that a company is established or more qualified then another that has not participated in a qualification process of verification with our company or simply has not been invited to participate in such.  We reserve the right to award or allow for a contractor to display such a “badge” as we choose and at times without a qualification process that is public if we so choose.  This could be determined by visitor feedback or a perceived reputation of a qualified contractor or existing association within a nationally recognized organization.  It may represent an “invitation only" qualification to distinguish a leading contractor from others.  We hope that all members will strive to achieve badge status and that as Sealcoating.com offers higher achievement status badges that they will represent a higher level of service or achievement and reflect the type of work a visitor or customer should expect to receive from a business displaying such a badge.  In the end we will work to maintain and create a Pavement Network that can be trusted by our visitors and provide for a resource that is unmatched by other such networks.