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Asphalt Equipment & Machines

Sealcoating.com offers a full line of professional grade asphalt equipment and asphalt machines for all your asphalt patching and repair needs. The right asphalt equipment can help you get the job done more efficiently and for less total cost. We offer both asphalt hot box reclaimers and asphalt recyclers.

Our asphalt reclaimers come in half ton, two ton and four ton capacities. The two and four ton machines can be purchased as either propane fire source or diesel powered and are skid mounted. Affix these asphalt hot box machines to a flat bed and perform asphalt patching and repairs anywhere.

Our infrared asphalt recyclers are great for heating troubled pavement spots that require repair. Infrared asphalt heaters are the perfect solution for remote asphalt and pavement repair jobs. Team up with one of our asphalt hot box reclaimers to tackle any pavement repair job.

Use these asphalt repair machines for: pothole patching and repair, maintenance, utility cuts, saw cut remove & replace and much more.