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Product Image Half Ton Hot Box Asphalt Stationary Patcher

Half Ton Hot Box Asphalt Stationary Patcher - Propane Fired




This 1/2 Ton Skid Mount Asphalt Hotbox Reclaimer makes heating and reclaiming asphalt a breeze.  The filling door leads to a single shovel port where asphalt is unloaded when ready for use.  Temperature is controlled by thermostat and 60,000 BTU propane burner.  Hotbox is made of all welded steel and insulated with 2 to 3 inches of fiberglass for maximum heat control.  This hotbox reclaimer keeps current mix warm or reclaims cold virgin mix overnight.  This is the most compact model offered of our skid mounted hot boxes that can be easily slid onto a utility vehicle or pickup truck.  Minimize waste from unused mix and increase productivity with this skid mount asphalt hotbox.

  • All welded steel: 16ga Skin, 20ga Top and 14ga Asphalt Compartment
  • Durable Lid Locks to secure asphalt compartment
  • Heats and reclaims asphalt
  • Dimensions: 57in x  33.5in x 33.5in   
  • Heating: 60,000 BTU Propane Burner

Looking for larger capacities? Check out our other hotbox reclaimers, available as a 2 Ton Asphalt Hot Box or 4 Ton Asphalt Hot Box.

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