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Product Image 5ft x 8ft Infrared Asphalt Heater Trailer

5 ft x 8 ft Infrared Asphalt Heater Trailer




This 5ft x 8ft Infrared Asphalt Heater Trailer has four independently controlled heating zones and folds easily, making it efficient and convenient.  Heat cycling technology works to reheat asphalt so it can be reshaped for repairs.  The heater is powered by 700,000 BTU of propane heat and includes an automatic pilot ignition for added safety.  This unit can be folded into a single axle self-trailering unit and has four independent swivel castors for maximum maneuverability.  There are two 2ft x 4ft zones and two 3ft x 4ft separately controlled heating zones that allow you to reheat a total of 40 square feet of asphalt.  This unit also comes with three 30 lb cylinders.  Use its heat efficiency to get the job done easily and fold it to trailer to your next task! A great way to add value to your business.  Third picture shows this model with our 2 Ton Hot Box Asphalt Patcher Skid Mount - Propane Fired.  

  • Overall dimensions - 5ft x 8ft 
  • Transit dimensions (after unit is folded) - 8ft 4in x 6ft 6in  
  • Heating Element – 1in Ceramic Refractory Blanket 
  • Battery – 12V Deep Cycle Marine Gel 
  • Tires – 4.80-8in 2-Ply 
Default Title810.0 lb

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