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Product Image "ONLY" Complete Word Preformed ThermoPlastic 4' x 2'10" (Qty 4)-Preformed ThermoPlastic-Swarco Industries Inc.-90 MIL (WHITE)-Sealcoating.com

"ONLY" Complete Word Preformed Thermoplastic 4 ft x 2 ft 10 in (Qty 4)




Preformed Thermoplastic of the word "ONLY" (4' x 2'10'') spelled out in reflective and easy to apply material. Can handle abuse from foot and tire traffic. Our road label will help you designate lanes that are meant for "ONLY" one type of traffic. Easy installation. Qty of 4.

  • Text of the Word "ONLY" Spelled Out in Reflective Letters
  • 4ft x 2ft 10in
  • Quantity of Four
  • Use of Thermoplastic Primer on asphalt and concrete surfaces can greatly assist with adhesion of material.
  • ** NOTE**  If applying to Concrete surfaces, Thermoplastic Epoxy is required to ensure proper adhesion!
  • Recommendations for applying thermoplastic materials (PDF)
    90 MIL (WHITE)25.0 lb
    125 MIL (WHITE)32.0 lb

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