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Product Image VISA-LINE  Foil Temporary Pavement Marking Tape

VISA-LINE Foil Temporary Pavement Marking Tape




Our rolls of Temporary Foil Tape for Road Lines VISA-LINE can be used where safety needs to happen right now and for short term marking needs during your road construction project.  You take safety seriously and when the paving happens the lines need to go down.  This foil pavement marking line tape will unroll and go down and not make your applicator look silly trying to untwist it to lay it flat.  You need to get it down flat and firm to the pavement and it needs to stay in place until the thermo crew arrives.

  • Visa-Line Temporary foil Tape or Pavement Road lines in temporary foil -this is it
  • Rolls of temporary lines in a foil material for temporary safety following your paving crew
  • Rolls of Foil Lines in Yellow or White
  • Temporary Road line rolls of foil
  • Remove with heat or pave over with surface layer

Construction Grade temporary Road Lines: Use our foil rolls of Roadway Marking foil for temporary safety and line marking or short-term projects.  Make it safe before the thermo goes down!

Engineer Grade Foil Road Lines in Rolls: Used for a longer-term temporary project. Has a thicker matrix and binder system for greater durability.

Comes in packs of two rolls.

DOT Approved

White / Construction / 4"x50 Yards7.0 lb
White / Construction / 4"x100 Yards14.0 lb
White / Construction / 6"x50 Yards11.0 lb
White / Construction / 6"x100 Yards21.0 lb
White / Engineer / 4"x50 Yards8.0 lb
White / Engineer / 4"x100 Yards7.0 lb
White / Engineer / 6"x50 Yards7.0 lb
White / Engineer / 6"x100 Yards7.0 lb
Yellow / Construction / 4"x50 Yards7.0 lb
Yellow / Construction / 4"x100 Yards7.0 lb
Yellow / Construction / 6"x50 Yards7.0 lb
Yellow / Construction / 6"x100 Yards7.0 lb
Yellow / Engineer / 4"x50 Yards8.0 lb
Yellow / Engineer / 4"x100 Yards7.0 lb
Yellow / Engineer / 6"x50 Yards7.0 lb
Yellow / Engineer / 6"x100 Yards7.0 lb

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