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Product Image "LANE" Complete Word Preformed ThermoPlastic 4' x 3'1" (Qty 4)-Preformed ThermoPlastic-Swarco Industries Inc.-90 MIL (WHITE)-Sealcoating.com

"LANE" Complete Word Preformed Thermoplastic 4 ft x 3 ft 1 in (Qty 4)




The word "LANE" (4' x 3'1'') spelled out in reflective and easy to apply preformed thermoplastic. Tough enough to handle heavy wear from foot, bicycle, and automobile traffic. Heat applied for quick installation. Qty of 4.

• Text of the Word "Lane" Spelled Out in Reflective Letters
• 4ft x 3ft 1in
• Easy to install
• Qty of 4

90 MIL (WHITE)25.0 lb
125 MIL (WHITE)32.0 lb

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