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Product Image Contrast Box with White "LANE" Word 4' x 5' Preformed Thermoplastic Legend-Performed ThemoPlastic-Swarco Industries-Green-125 MIL-Sealcoating.com

Contrast Box with White "LANE" Word 4 ft x 5 ft Preformed Thermoplastic Legend




Sealcoating.com presents a unique  preformed heat applied thermoplastic  legend that is the  contrast  of the "L-A-N-E" word. Available in Green or Black, these  contrast boxes  with white symbol inlay are great for trails, roadways, and high traffic communities. The contrast boxing around the white symbols are  highly noticeable  to drivers and pedestrians.  We are proud to say that most Preformed Thermoplastic products we offer are  extremely durable  to environmental and physical abuse.

Size: 4' x 5'

  • Meets Most State and Federal Specifications
  • Heat applied
  • Fast Installation

Other designs such as stencils, color, and size variants may also be found throughout sealcoating.com

Black / 90 MIL21.0 lb
Black / 125 MIL31.0 lb
Green / 90 MIL21.0 lb
Green / 125 MIL31.0 lb

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