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Product Image Bicycle Only (MUTCD) Preformed ThermoPlastic 6' x 3' (Qty 2)-Preformed ThermoPlastic-Swarco Industries Inc.-90 MIL (WHITE)-Sealcoating.com

Bicycle Only (MUTCD) Preformed Thermoplastic 6 ft x 3 ft (Qty 2)




Preformed Thermoplastic symbol of Bicycle w/ no "Bicycle Man" (6' x 3') used to indicate bicycle friendly lanes on a road. Our highly visible road markings keep roadways and pathways organized and give motorists and bicyclists confidence in traffic direction. Resilient to wear and tear brought on by weather and bike traffic. Qty of 2.

• Bicycle Only symbol
• 6' x 3'
• Fast installation

    90 MIL (WHITE)25.0 lb
    125 MIL (WHITE)32.0 lb

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