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Product Image 4 Inch Road Lines Preformed Rolls-Preformed Thermoplastic-Swarco Industries-Blue-125 MIL (4" x 30')-Sealcoating.com

4 Inch Road Lines Preformed Rolls




Our 4 Inch Preformed Thermoplastic Road line Rolls come in a variety of colors for your Roadway & Pavement needs. These 4 inch stripes in rolls can be applied to anyway roadway to delineate the lanes and keep traffic flowing.  Separate the traffic for safety with heat down lines that come in rolls. Quicly heat down the center line on the Roadway with the torch or apply right to the fresh hot asphalt.  The Swarco 4 inch road line heat applied in rolls eliminates delay and can be applied for safety immediately.  Not melting epuipment needed just a torch. 4 Inch Preformed Thermo Lines in a roll. 
Details & Specifications:

  • heat down Rolls for the Road or Street lines are 4 inches wide x 30'
  • Available in Blue, White, Red & Yellow
  • Meets Most State and Federal Specifications
  • Heat applied
  • Fast Installation

4 Inch Rolls or stripes ready to apply with heat and in very little time you have a safet roadway again!

Blue / 90 MIL (4" x 30')10.0 lb
Blue / 125 MIL (4" x 30')16.0 lb
Red / 90 MIL (4" x 30')10.0 lb
Red / 125 MIL (4" x 30')15.0 lb
White / 90 MIL (4" x 30')10.0 lb
White / 125 MIL (4" x 30')15.0 lb
Yellow / 90 MIL (4" x 30')10.0 lb
Yellow / 125 MIL (4" x 30')15.0 lb

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