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Product Image Swarcotherm Thermoplastic Extrude Alkyd (Muni Spec) Granular Bag

Swarcotherm Thermoplastic Extrude Alkyd (Muni Spec) Granular Bag




Swarcotherm Thermoplastic Extrude Alkyd specified for Municipal application comes in 50 lb bags of granular material ready for melting (also available in State Spec with certification).  Our Thermoplastic Extrude Alkyd Granules are offered here in Yellow and White and contain the ready to use contents for your operation to run fast and efficient.  This product is superior in performance to other brands and contains natural resins that will repel petroleum and lasts longer under extreme conditions.

This Swarcotherm 205 Thermoplastic Extrude Alkyd (Muni Spec) Granular Bag is your local City or Muni Spec that works throughout the country.  But if you require State Specified Granular Bags of Thermo Alkyd Extrude we have that too--see our State Specified Thermoplastic Extrude Alkyd (State Spec) Granular Bag.

Municipal Spec for your parking lots and intersection work or State Spec for your specific State with ability to provide certification upon request.

  • Swarcotherm Extruded Alkyd (Muni Spec) seems to melt faster and run smoother
  • Bags of Yellow and White bagged granules in Pallet or Half Pallet (best shipping cost)
  • Swarcotherm contains mixture of glass beads, pigments, binder, and filler materials making the best thermoplastic product

Hot Thermoplastics is applied with a hot melting kettle and equipment that heats our granules to a liquid form once it reaches or exceeds 375° F.  When applied to crosswalks, line markings, legends and all pavement markings they simply last longer as Swarcotherm dries harder than others available.  Agitation within the machine keeps this hot liquid blended into it enters the screed ribbon or spray equipment where it is guided to desired width and thickness as specified.  Immediately after apply glass beads for desired or specified retro-reflectivity.

Check our shipping costs as we will not be under sold.  Buy this in half pallet or full pallet quantities.

Need to meet specific State Specs?  We have the products that can meet your specific state specifications for thermoplastic extrude in granular bags for states such as Iowa, Illinois, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Georgia and almost all states too many to list.  

Need State Certified  and approved Thermoplastic Alkyd Extrude for your state Call us:  888-838-7325.

Skid 2000 lbs (40 Bags at 50 lbs each) / White0.0 lb
Skid 2000 lbs (40 bags at 50 lbs each) / Yellow0.0 lb
Half Skid 1000 lbs ((20 bags at 50 lbs each) / White1000.0 lb
Half Skid 1000 lbs (20 bags at 50 lbs each) / Yellow1000.0 lb

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