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High Build Dry Fall Epoxy




The Bituma Silver Gray High Build Dry Fall Epoxy by Highland International, LLC is a prime coat designed to make epoxy application simple and great over imperfect surfaces where preparation was not ideal.  The 485R Series can be applied over mill scale or tightly bonded rust, and provides incredible protection from chemicals, water, weathering, and corrosion. The surface tolerant Direct to Metal (DTM) Coating is designed to dry to a powder 20 feet away from the point of application, allowing for painting to be done without the worry of damaging nearby vehicles or equipment with overspray. Topcoat must be applied within 60 days of the epoxied surface will need to be scuffed.

  • Dry-Fall Formula for Prime Coat
  • Applicable Over Mill Scale and Rust
  • Imperfect Surface Preparation is OK
  • Protection Against Chemicals, Corrosion, and Element Exposure
5 Gal70.0 lb

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