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HiTemp Silicone Copolymer Primer




Hi Temp Silicone Copolymer Primer for heat affected zones up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit such as asphalt plant parts and to offer maximum adhesion and corrosion protection even in limited surface preparation areas, the light yellow HiTemp Silicone Copolymer Primer by Highland International, LLC. is a single package silicone copolymer primer that is designed to keep paint of any color looking vibrant, even against harsh industrial conditions. 

  • Primer for Highland's Hi-Temp Series
  • Heat Resistant of Temperatures Up to 400 Degrees
  • Topcoat in One Single Coat
  • Single Component Single Container
  • 860 HF Formula by Highland

The 860-HF Series’ light color further increases corrosion protection by showing shadows in the steel surface until proper film thickness has been achieved. Limited to less than 3 lbs. VOC per gallon. Applied at between 266-400 ft. per square gallon for recommended DFT (Dry Film Thickness).

Perfect Applications for this Primer are: Batch Plant Parts or HMA uses such as your Baghouse, Batch Tower, Drag Chain, Ductwork, Fan Stack, or other uses with Temperature Rating of 400 degrees. 

5 Gal High Temperature Primer70.0 lb

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