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Modified Silicone Alkyd Topcoat




Modified Silicone Alkyd Topcoat by Highland International, LLC is the topcoat finish paint for your high heat demands. Originally designed for asphalt plants, this topcoat is available in many popular and common industrial colors such as Gencor Blue or Astec Ivory. The Modified Silicone Alkyd Topcoat maintains exceptional gloss and color purity in rugged environments and when exposed to high temperatures due to its high silicone content and heat & light stable pigmentation.

  • Finish Paint for Hot Mix Asphalt Plants and any other high heat use
  • Maintains Gloss in High Temperature
  • Exceptional Protection Against Temperatures up to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 865 LH Series Paint By Highland International LLC

Colors:  All Colors of your asphalt plant or steel plan structure for high heat demands and parts of your facility maintenance.  Common colors offered below but most all available by calling us at 1-888-838-7325.  Paint colors in Astec Ivory, Astec Brown, Bituma Silver Gray or "Gencor Gray Paint", Safety Blue or "Gencor Blue Paint".  Others available upon request.

Application:  Spray on apply as one coat at a rate of 277-416 square feet per gallon to obtain recommended DFT (Dry Film Thickness).

Astec Ivory / 5 Gal70.0 lb
Astec Brown / 5 Gal70.0 lb
Bituma Silver Gray/Gencor Gray / 5 Gal70.0 lb
Safety Blue/Gencor Blue / 5 Gal70.0 lb

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