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Product Image Gator Patch Asphalt Pavement Repair Patch

Gator Patch Smooth Pavement Repair Patch




Gator Patch is a smooth pavement repair patch that is applied with a trowel or firm squeegee to Alligatored Areas in pavement and dries hard.  Gator Patch is a blend of asphaltic emulsion, mineral fibers, glass fibers, ground rubber and plasticizer perfect for your shallow patch areas or dips in pavement.  It is used for skin patching areas that are "Alligatored" or "Gatored". It is also used for filling cracks in excess of 1/2 inch in width on all surfaces.

  • Gator Patch Asphalt Repair
  • Smooth Applied - Dries Hard
  • Apply with Trowel or Squeegee to large broken areas
  • Apply to Larger Driveway and Parking Lot Cracks
  • Buy half pallet or pallet quantities and SAVE! Just select Qty 18 or Qty 36 from the options above
5 Gal Pail Pricing Less Than Half Pallet60.0 lb
Half Pallet - Qty 18 Pails (Save $1 / pail)1080.0 lb
Full Pallet - Qty 36 Pails (Save $4 / pail)2160.0 lb

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