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Sand Gator Sealer




Sand Gator Sealer is an Asphalt Surface Sealer and crackfiller all in one.  This driveway and parking lot sealer was created to act as a crackfiller and a sealer of the pavement in one industrial product great for driveway sealing or parking lot sealing.  You cannot yet find this in a hardware store, but this unique asphalt sealer will fill the pavement cracks as well as seal the surface of the asphalt providing protection for years.  Are you asking “why don’t they make an asphalt sealer that also fills the cracks all in one application or process?  Sand Gator Sealer is the answer.

We first created a pavement patch product called Sand Gator which was designed for those alligatored areas in the pavement and that cures rock hard.  But you asked for something that would be both a crack filler and a pavement sealer and so Sand Gator Sealer was created as a combination product that is applied in one step to your asphalt.  This water-based product contains a significantly higher solid content than anything you find in a local hardware store that is designed to be an asphalt sealer.  Most sealers in the hardware stores contain approximately 26-30% solids (too thin!).  Most industrial sealers applied by the professionals may contain 46%+ but this product tops them all with its dual purpose.  This will not cover like a thin store-bought sealer so you will need a little more and this requires a slightly larger investment.  You may find this investment to be somewhat equivalent to purchasing both crackfiller and sealer, but so much less than replacing your driveway or parking lot.

  • This sealer is applied just like other sealers or paint with your brush or squeegee
  • Cures in temperatures down to 40 degrees but we recommend no lower than 50 degrees
  • Contains Fast drying technology ready for traffic in 2-4 hours/24 hrs recommended
  • Non-skid Surface due to this asphaltic emulsion’s blend of HDPE and Mineral fibers, plasticizers and recycled shingle material
  • Remains black year after year
  • Maintains its’ flexibility in cold temperatures and does not soften in extreme heat
  • NO VOC, NO coal tar, PAH compliant, soap and water cleanup like a latex paint
  • Apply in maximum 1/4 inch thickness for one layer application

Coverage: Plan approximately 20 sf per gallon.  Appy with brush, squeegee or roller for small areas can be sprayed with indutrial spray equipment for larger areas. Apply in a layer no thicker than 1/4" at at a time.  May dilute with water up to 10% of product for ease of application and weather adjustment.

Container sizes available: 5 gallon, 55 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote (275 gallon tote full is approx 255-270 liquid gallons).

5 Gallon Pail56.75 lb
55 Gallon Drum56.75 lb
275 Gallon Tote56.75 lb
Full Pallet 36 Five Gallon Pails56.75 lb

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