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27 Jan

Sealcoating.com's Pavement Network - Shaping the Future

Posted by Ann Collins

In a recent issue of Pavement Magazine, Sealcoating.com's National Pavement Network was featured in an article by Jessica Stoikes:

"The company helps to represent a network of professional companies that perform pavement and related site services at a higher level."

"Keenan sought out and developed Sealcoating.com to do just that. He developed a plan to create a grouping of products that would serve the paving industry, along with other contractors in the construction industry. Today, Sealcoating.com supplies pavement tools and materials to companies in the paving and construction businesses. It also puts customers in touch with contractors who provide the services they need.

Visitors arrive daily at Sealcoating.com in search of pavement and site service professionals. Using the interactive Business Locator Map, they are directed to top service companies and industry professionals in their area and the connection is made!"

As Keenan notes, "A property manager may visit the pavement network and identify their job site location or work area and they will be directed to an experienced pavement or site service operator such as a sweeping or paving company. Our pavement network identifies and suggests credentialed contractors. Our name, Sealcoating.com, helps connect the end customer with companies who are members of our exclusive pavement network."