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27 Jan

Website Magazine and Sealcoating.com's Pavement Network

Posted by Ann Collins

Website Magazine recently published an article by Pete Prestipino, a writer for Forrester. Forrester's report found that your company's connection to relevant branded industry communities can deliver results that are much more beneficial than social media platforms. Sealcoating.com could not agree more! The article is titled, Dump Facebook & Twitter for Branded Communities and Email.

Sealcoating.com's National Pavement Network is designed to provide these types of benefits for the finest pavement and site professionals. Members are rewarded with customer connections that last a lifetime. By now, most experienced service and construction companies have a marketing lead or person charged with pay per click (PPC) campaigns and content creation for social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. But industry experts have very recently come to realize a way to create a much larger impact and positive change for your company's digital presence. The answer: our National Pavement Network

Learn more about the Pavement Network and how your company can benefit today!