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23 Jul

Asphalt Equipment & Asphalt Machines Now Available

Posted by Terry Keenan in asphalt equipment, asphalt machines
4 Ton Asphalt Hot Box ReclaimerAsphalt reclaimers provide a huge advantage over traditional asphalt heaters because they not only maintain proper temperature of hot mix for the duration of your project, but can reclaim virgin hot mix asphalt. No longer will you waste material because of guessing how much material your project requires. Asphalt mix is used efficiently and able to use for up to 2 days.

If your company only needs a unit that stores a half ton of material, there is a skid unit that slides onto the back of a pickup truck. From there, units have the capacity for 2 tons of asphalt mix or 4 tons. These larger skid models ensure you have all the material you need in one place, with no travelling to add new asphalt. Reclaimers can be powered by diesel or propane to fit your preference.

Asphalt Recycler HeaterAsphalt heater recyclers for pothole and other asphalt repairs. Convenient fold-up models that trailer on the back of your truck make it simple to set up. The smallest model provides 4 ft x 4 ft of coverage and the largest offers 48 square feet of coverage. Reheat cold seams, fix asphalt imperfections, and operate with ease with a recycler.

Investing in asphalt machinery allows you to get a project completed with high-quality and greater efficiency; move onto your next job more quickly! Check out our Asphalt Equipment to see which model works best for you.