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10 Jul

Why Buy a Paint Striping Machine?

Posted by Terry Keenan in paint striping machines

Titan PowrLiner 4955 Line Striping MachinePaint striping machines can be a considerable investment, but oftentimes the investment proves more than worthwhile. Using a paint striping machine cuts down on the time it takes to complete large painting jobs, which allows you to make more money in less time. In addition, line stripers have precision that cannot be mimicked with traditional paint sprayers. These machines can be used for paint striping on parking lots, fields, or turf.

Generally with Titan PowrLiner models, as the model number moves up, more added features become available. Choosing the correct paint striping machine is dependent on engine preference as well. Here are a few main decision points that can determine which paint striping machine is right for you:

1 Gun or 2 Guns: Does your customer need one line painted at a time, or do you often wish you could create two side by side lines more efficiently? Having 2 paint guns gives you the option to simultaneously apply two lines instead of one.

Glass Bead Dispenser: Another consideration is the need for a glass bead dispenser. Line Striping machines with glass bead dispensers add reflective beads directly onto the fresh paint line. Adding a dispenser automates the process, and saves a lot more time compared to dropping beads by hand onto a painted line. This system can be added onto models of the Titan PowrLiner. Order a Titan 1 Gun Paint Kit with Hopper (creates 12 in lines), Single Paint Gun Glass Bead Hopper (creates 4-6 in lines), or 2 Gun Kit with Hopper (creates 4-6 in lines) for the ability to dispense glass beads onto your freshly painted lines.

Added Features: Titan models 4955 6955 and 8955 feature a Smart Arm that allows control of up and down motion of the sprayer arm. This gives you more control over the motions of your sprayer. It’s not necessary for the function of the paint striper, but allows automatic control over the sprayer arm instead of manually moving it.

Drivers: Another great add-on to consider is the LazyLiner Pro Driver or LazyLiner Elite Driver. These attachments allow you to complete the job from your seat instead of standing. The drivers work with PowrLiner Models 2850 through 8955 and provides a sit-down option to decrease worker fatigue. Elite and Pro drivers allow you to complete your paint striping job much faster and with less hassle.

The Bottom Line: When comparing different models, keep in mind what you want the paint striper to do. Having two guns instead of one allows you to lay down two lines side by side in one application. Having a glass bead dispensing system automates the tedious process of dropping reflective beads onto fresh paint lines. All this being said, having any paint striper will make your projects more efficient and lines looking more professional, keeping your employees and customers satisfied.