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10 Gallon Mini Melter for Asphalt




Our 10 Gallon Mini-Melter is the stationary model of the MA10. This is an inexpensive and lightweight machine that makes hot applied sealant jobs easy by having hot material available in 20 minutes. It has a 50,000 BTU burner and a built in hand agitator. Inner and outer tanks are built with a heavy 14 gauge steel and is capable of a workload of melting 600 lbs. of sealant per day.

  • Hot Material in 20 Minutes or Less
  • Can Melt 600 Pounds of Sealant in a Day
  • 29" Long, 30" Wide, 32" Tall
  • Small and Portable, Mounted on Truck- This one has No Wheels
  • Comes with all parts to begin except the propane tank-includes torch, hose and regulator
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