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Product Image 16 Ply Twine (3,000 Ft.)-Safety Equipment-The Brewer Company-Default-Sealcoating.com

16 Ply Cotton Twine 3000 ft long




Our String Line is a White Cotton 16 Ply Twine and comes in this cone shape (4 lb) perfect for roping off an area or closing traffic.  This soft unpolished white string is a medium weight cotton blend twine material with good strength for long runs and lengths used to close and secure your driveway, parking lot or work area.  Use it to tie or secure packages or bundles.  This is the white twine string that you will enjoy working with.

  • Soft White String made of Cotton Twine Blend
  • 16 Ply Cotton Twine (4 lb)
  • Tensile Strength 40 secures 8 to 13 lbs
  • Good for craft projects and gardening twine
  • Absorbs water and moisture
Default2.8 lb

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