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Product Image 18" Pull Handles for 2X5-Tools & Accessories, Lutes-G H Hanson-Set of 3 -18" Pull Handles 2x5-Sealcoating.com

18" Pull Handles for 2X5




Long pull handles for our Concrete Aluminum Straight Edge Tools.  The 20', 22', and 24' 2" x 5" Concrete Aluminum Float Handles come in this long 18" handle size or see our other 9" Handles.  All of these are designed for our Reinforced Aluminum Float with welded end caps.  The finest made Concrete Straightedge tool on the market if I don't say so myself.  Available in a Set of 3 or a Set of 5

These handles for our 2" x 5" Aluminum Floats in 20', 22', and 24' lengths.
Set of 3 -18" Pull Handles 2x516.0 lb
Set of 5 -18" Pull Handles 2x516.0 lb

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