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#2 Threaded Male Coupler




Threaded Male Locking Coupler with Female Quick Connect End.  Yes, if you are not a plumber we make it easy.  This can be confusing but we will try to help you through this Plumping parts order for your sealer or all of your Aluminum Connector end parts in 2 inch or other sizes.   Our hoses and Aluminum CAM connectors will make your material pumping and transfer easy. Whether for high or low pressure liquid material we can help you.

  • Aluminum Threaded Male Coupler with Female Locking Quick Connect end
  • If our plumbing language is wrong do not fret as we want to make sure you are not confused 
  • This is the locking end that attaches to your other existing male end (some call this a quick connect)


Default1.0 lb

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