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Product Image 20 ft x 1” Hot Crack Sealing Hose non heated-Sealcoating Parts-Copperstate Hose-Hose-Sealcoating.com

20 ft x 1 in Hot Crack Sealing Hose - Non-Heated




Our 20’ x 1” Hot Rubber dispensing hose (non heated) for your crack sealing operation is perfect if you do not require a heated hose. This 20’ tar hose will attach to your wand and fit your existing crack kettle. Our replacement hoses for hot rubber applicators are the best in the industry and will work on your crack machine and attach to your existing wand applicator or we can help you with that too. We offer a hose and wand applicator package or jus the hose.

20’ Hot Tar Hose (non heated) but made for hot material transfer
Perfect replacement hose and length for Hot Rubber Applicators

Hose30.0 lb
Hose & Wand34.0 lb

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