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26 Gallon - Mountain Ash Receptacle




26 Gallon Square Metal Waste Bin - With Ash Urn

Get a hold of the magnificent  multipurpose  receptacle. This  metal  waste  bin  fits perfectly in your outside areas such as parks, walkways, outside office buildings and schools. Utilize the  container  for  waste  to help keep your surroundings green, neat and tidy. A  steel  receptacle  with attached ash urn gives individuals an effortless way to discard waste.

This  trash  container  is made with one piece of steel shaped and formed with minimum welds. The stainless steel contacts of the  metal  disposal  bin  eliminate corrosion. Get the impeccable  waste  can  that lasts throughout the years in ever changing climates. Pick your color and add to the cart today.

Green150.0 lb
Blue150.0 lb
Redwood150.0 lb
Black150.0 lb
Brown150.0 lb
Medium Bronze150.0 lb
Statuary Bronze150.0 lb
Copper Vein150.0 lb
Classic Grey150.0 lb
Seira Tan150.0 lb

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