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Product Image 28" Orange Traffic Cone Reflective Collar-Traffic Control-Work Area Protection-7 lb.-Sealcoating.com

28 in Orange Traffic Safety Cone with Reflective Collar




The 28" Traffic Cone (Available in standard 7 lb. and 10 lb. heavy duty) with Reflective 3M collar from Work Area Protection is an integral piece to any roadworker. Traffic cones can be used to redirect traffic, block sections of the road off, divert motorists from danger, and so much more. These cones are injection molded from an incredibly durable material that is designed specifically for use in extreme weather conditions and withstand impact from large commercial vehicles.

• 28" tall
• Stackable
• Reflective 3M Collar

7 lb cone is the Standard Cone and the 10 lb is considered a Heavy Duty

7 lb.10.0 lb
10 lb.10.0 lb

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