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Product Image 3/16 Inch short replacement hose whip for Paint Striper-Sealcoating Parts-Titan-3 Foot 3/16 Whip-Sealcoating.com

3/16 in Short Replacement Hose Whip for Paint Striper




3/16 Inch Short Replacement Hose Whip with fittings for airless paint stripers and paint machines all lengths.  Airless striper short hose sections come in 3 foot, 6 foot and 9 foot with kink protectors preventing bent hose and weak spots at near fittings.  These maroon colored short sections of hose for your striper are pretty universal and you do not want more hose than you need.
3 Foot 3/16 Whip0.58 lb
5 Foot 3/16 Whip0.68 lb
9 Foot 3/16 Whip0.88 lb

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