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3/4 in Heavy Duty Hose Clamp




This Heavy duty hose clamp for sealer spray hoses can be used to repair your 3/4" spray hose end that has been weakened or broken.  This can happen  close the spray bar after some use.  Cut off the bad part and move that hose shank down and attach this heavy duty hose clamp to your sealer hose in minutes.  You don't have to have high pressure hydraulic fittings installed although we provide that as an option with our sealer spray hoses.  If things go wrong or you blow a leak on the job then you better have one of these to get things rolling again.  Can you imagine the project stopping because you did not have one of these hose clamps and a hose shank on the job to repair your sealer hose quickly.  

  • 3/4" Heavy Duty Hose Clamp holds tight under conditions suggested below for your sealcoating spray hose
  • Allows fast repair on the job if you need it
  • Combine with our 3/4" hose shank and have one of each on every truck for an emergency

Warning:   This 3/4" hose clamp is only recommended on 3/4" lower pressure hoses with an OD range of 1.15625” – 1.3125”.  Even if the hose says it is 3/4" diameter inside diameter (ID) the outside diameter can be slightly less than this safety range.  Using this clamp along with our hose shank for 3/4" hose repair can cause injury if you use this outside of the above OD size range.

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