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Product Image PaveMade Hotbox 30 Hot Rubber Asphalt Melter

30 Gallon Hot Rubber Asphalt Melter




This 30 gallon hot rubber crack sealing melter machine is for crack sealing pavement projects and can be used for large parking lot jobs or for any joint sealing project. This direct fire unit is very efficient with a quick start up time.  Just add a 20 lb propane tank and start heating and this will be ready to work in minutes. This unit with a crack sealing squeegee, a dispensing cone, a propane tank and some rubber will pay for itself in the first job! If you are a pavement maintenance company and have not been offering this service you are missing out on revenue. This is easy to operate and will add one more service to your project that should be offered with your work. Many of your new customers will want you to add this to the sealing project or perform this work in the odd year when you are not doing the sealcoating. This unit will make you money. If you add this to all of your commercial proposals even as an option you will find your customers add this most of the time.  This cost of this unit will be offset by your first nice job.  Certainly 1 or 2 average size jobs will pay for this machine and you will still have money in your pocket.

  • Fast set up / fast melting
  • Very durable with long handle faucet valve can handle the torch to clean up
  • Will make you money with your sealing business in the first job
  • Works great with our Pure Hot Pour Hot Rubber Crack Filler

Accessories Included:  60,000 BTU Torch with 11 foot hose and regulator, temperature gauge, molasses valve for clean shut off, striking/lighting tool.

  • 14 gauge steel
  • Built for durability  
  • Very efficient; asphalt is melted faster because of a guided heat path
  • Paint is high temperature
  • Individually Inspected
  • 1 year warranty on accessories
  • Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty on Construction

** Also comes in 10 Gallon wheeled or stationary units **

Shipping:  This is a freight item. This unit requires a business address with ability to unload a pallet.  Additional shipping charges will apply to residential addresses even if you call it your business address. This is dictated by the shippers.

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