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Product Image Animal Proof Trash Can

32 Gallon Animal Proof Trash Can Waste Receptacle




This 32 gallon outdoor animal proof trash can waste receptacle is specifically designed to keep animals from accessing waste.  Choose this waste container for locations that inhabits wildlife such as parks and recreational areas.  Trash can is coated with epoxy primer then a paint coating of your color choice for optimal durability.  This model also includes slats made of recycled plastic that comes in a red color.  See below for external color options.  Bottom door has a two point paddle latch and top door has a gravity latch to keep contents secure from bears and other wildlife.  The access door is bear proof and locks when the door is released so it cannot be left open.  This latch has passed testing with the Living With Wildlife Foundation, so you can be sure it will give you the security to keep public areas litter free. An integral locking hasp has been included on the inside of the trash can for added security.

  • 32 Gallon Bear Proof Trash Receptacle
  • Tested by Living With Wildlife Foundation
  • Perfect for outdoor spaces and public parks or recreational areas
  • Includes 32 gallon round interior liner can
  • Contains a locking hasp and is included unlike others

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Tan

Slat Color: Red

Custom Made Item requires 8-10 weeks lead time. Sometimes we can make this happen faster.

Black - With Red Slats245.0 lb
Black - With Red Slats (2 Cans - Save $150)490.0 lb
Blue - With Red Slats245.0 lb
Blue - With Red Slats (2 Cans - Save $150)490.0 lb
Brown - With Red Slats245.0 lb
Brown - With Red Slats (2 Cans - Save $150)490.0 lb
Grey - With Red Slats245.0 lb
Grey - With Red Slats (2 Cans - Save $150)490.0 lb
Tan - With Red Slats245.0 lb
Tan - With Red Slats (2 Cans - Save $150)490.0 lb

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