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Product Image Bear Proof Trash Can

32 Gallon Bear Proof Trash Can Receptacle Bin




This 32 gallon bear proof trash can is ideal for outdoor recreational areas to keep waste secure from bears and other wildlife.  Covered in epoxy and then the paint color of your choice, this trash can provides durability you can count on.  Access door is equipped with a paddle latch to keep bears out and top door has a gravity latch.  An integral locking hasp is included inside the waste receptacle for added security.  The bear resistant latch locks into place when the door is released.  This product has been certified as bear resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, so you can rely on this product to keep waste secure.  See our color options for desired look.  Place this receptacle in wooded parks, trail ways and near picnic areas to facilitate a clean and harmless environment. 

  • 32 Gallon Bear Proof Trash Can - For Parks and Recreational Areas
  • Certified as Bear Proof
  • Variety of Color Options Available
  • Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 49 in
  • Discount when purchasing two!
  • Includes a 32 Gallon Round insert trash can

Colors: Available in Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, and Tan.

Integral Locking Hasp (located inside receptacle) is included as part of the purchase for optimal function and security.

Note: Please allow 8-10 weeks lead time for this product.  It is custom made to your color choosing and this lead time will allow us to deliver a great final product. 

Black210.0 lb
Black (2 Cans - Save $150)420.0 lb
Blue210.0 lb
Blue (2 Cans - Save $150)420.0 lb
Brown210.0 lb
Brown (2 Cans - Save $150)420.0 lb
Grey210.0 lb
Grey (2 Cans - Save $150)420.0 lb
Tan210.0 lb
Tan (2 Cans - Save $150)420.0 lb

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