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Product Image 36" Gauge Rake Frame, Threaded Handle Adapter-Aluminum Rakes-Seymour Midwest-Default-Sealcoating.com

36 in Gauge Rake Frame Threaded Handle Adapter




A patented Concrete Tool which applies a range of materials. For use in applying  concrete sealer, to any job or project. A must have tool for Seal Coating a driveway or walkway. This Concrete Rake makes it quicker and easier to apply any sealer to your job. When one contact point wears down, you simply loosen the wing nut and rotate to a fresh contact point. We use a edge design which maintains coating thickness, even at varying handle angles and lengths. Simply place your order today.
Specifications & Features:
  • 36" (Width) Solvent-Resistant Aluminum Frame
  • Threaded Handle Adapter
  • Gusset Bracing
Default4.0 lb

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