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Product Image 55 Gallon Hot Rubber Crack Filling Melter Kettle

55 Gallon Hot Rubber Crack Filling Melter Kettle




This KM 55 Crack Filling Melter Kettle is controlled by a thermostat and is used for melting hot rubber crack sealers more efficiently with less propane. The KM55 is one of the only machines that can be heating while you travel to the job. This melter Machine uses half the amount of propane as direct fire melters. This machine heats with propane indirectly allowing you to start melting rubber at your shop. No waiting until you get to the job. It has a 2" flow valve that can extend out either side of the machine which makes the pour pot filling easier. This machine includes a hand torch to heat the flow valve, tools or your pour pot.  This easy-to-use crack filling machine will make your work faster and more profitable with its larger capacity.


  • Thermostat to control heat
  • Uses propane efficiently – half of what direct fire machines require
  • Retains heat better due to air jacket high efficiency insulation
  • Easy pouring valve that can be used on either side
  • Includes hand torch for heating the valve or tools
  • Can heat material while transporting – start it before leaving the shop
  • Works great with our hot rubber Pure Hot Pour Crack Filler !


KM 55 Crack Filler Melter Dimensions (L x W x H) - 68” x 24” x 32”
Weight of the KM55 - 340 lbs.
Hot Rubber Capacity - 55 Gallon
Thermostat Range- 100-500˚F
Heating Element - 50,000 BTU propane heating system
Insulation - High efficiency insulation with reflective metal
Crack Machine Agitation - 360˚ agitation paddle. Yes this machine has a universal handle for hot rubber agitation that can be placed on either side of machine
Steel Construction - 16G Skin, 14G Funnel, 20G Lid
*Specifications are subject to change without notice

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